Equipment invented to convert household garbage into flammable green rubber wristbandsgas

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Equipment that can process household garbage and convert 100 tons of it every day into 80,000 cubic meters of flammable gas is expected to enter the market in Dalian in Northeast China"s Liaoning province.

The heating value can exceed 1,200 kilocalories and can meet the requirements of a heating area of 240,000 square meters, said Xu Qinghui, director of the laboratory at Dalian Huichuan Environmental Protection Technology.

Research and development on the gasification and power generation of municipal solid waste is listed as a key project among Dalian"s 13th Five-Year Plan.

"The advanced technology is a result of 10 years" research," he said, "We have obtained 14 national patents from the invention of garbage treatment system technology."

Taking household garbage as its material, the equipment utilizes high-temperature pyrolysis technology.

In the state of anaerobic heating, the molecular chain structure can be changed. Thus, the material will be converted into combustible gas with a high calorific value, as well as tar or other useful substances.

According to Xu, the system integrates garbage collection, transportation, extrusion, dehydration, screening, drying treatment, pyrolysis and gasification, energy conversion and utilization, and automatic control.

"It realizes the reduction, decontamination and resource utilization of household garbage," he said.

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